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Duke $20

Punisher $50

Joemamma $50

Monk $60

Monk $30

Deadmeat $30

Damegafish $15

ElW4yneO $50

Odizzzle $20

TheBloodyDevil $50

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Monk's Militia
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bullet Monk
1 week ago
bullet TheBloodyDevil
4 weeks ago
I can drink Coke an Jack all day no probs
bullet deadmeat
4 weeks ago
you just don't like it enough then young man....
bullet TheBloodyDevil
4 weeks ago
I prefer bottle of can an tap so im picky deadmeat
bullet deadmeat
1 month ago
I've got beer...
bullet TheBloodyDevil
1 month ago
Is this the family reunion? Who is bringing the beer an wings!!!
bullet deadmeat
1 month ago
sinjar is in the community test servers for insurgency... woooot. can't wait for that to be released
bullet W4yneO
1 month ago
bullet Gonzo
1 month ago
its that time of year again boys and girls, recruitment time!! 18+ with Mic.
bullet Monk
1 month ago
hi duke

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