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bullet Duke
24 Apr : 05:55AM
Joe finished 2nd in solo. could have won but he thought the guy was down and stopped shooting.
bullet Treatr
23 Apr : 06:09PM
Meanwhile in Russia ~LINK~
bullet Monk
22 Apr : 11:35PM

bullet Crazy4Gonzo
22 Apr : 06:26PM
Tgunner Revives me in an unusual way.. hahah gotta love BGs. ~LINK~
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
22 Apr : 06:26AM
~LINK~ I want one of those.
bullet W4yneO
21 Apr : 05:45PM

Call of duty WW2
bullet Mr_Wrong
21 Apr : 04:27PM
bullet W4yneO
21 Apr : 04:25PM
bullet Treatr
20 Apr : 04:32PM
PUBG Update 5.3 GB is here.
bullet Monk
20 Apr : 03:57AM

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