Battlefield 4
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bullet W4yneO
26 Sep : 06:12PM
Haha that looks sweet!!!!
bullet Monk
26 Sep : 04:56PM
New Metallica song
bullet Monk
26 Sep : 04:45PM
About to make the announcement about the BF1 servers for pc soon. Cover your butts
bullet Monk
26 Sep : 04:42PM
bullet W4yneO
26 Sep : 09:42AM
I figured you could use a hand, thought it was a nice gesture.
bullet Duke
26 Sep : 03:50AM
HAHA. that is awesome.
bullet Monk
25 Sep : 07:05PM
Who the hell sent me a severed hand? Wayneo? Haha
bullet Duke
25 Sep : 08:03AM
Monk's new granddaughter. Or as he says it granddorter.
bullet W4yneO
24 Sep : 05:31PM
bullet W4yneO
24 Sep : 05:31PM
Grab redux wowowow
bullet Monk
24 Sep : 03:39AM
I know, thread updated
bullet odogg
23 Sep : 09:20PM
we need invite link, vs the number.
bullet Monk
23 Sep : 06:44PM
bullet Mr_Wrong
23 Sep : 06:21PM
Yeah Monk thats where I saw it yesterday and thought it was a skit. Then I looked it up and was like holy shit this is a real thing.
bullet Monk
23 Sep : 06:03PM
server name Monk's Militia and the id is 2283322232820203 52
bullet Monk
23 Sep : 05:57PM
I have a server set up already
bullet odogg
23 Sep : 05:18PM
~LINK~ add this fellas.. then I can promote you and make monk the big cheese
bullet Monk
23 Sep : 03:52PM
Lol Wrong. Flipping through channels and they were talking about the shiney hiney thing on Ellen
bullet Monk
23 Sep : 12:18PM
bullet Monk
22 Sep : 10:24PM
That is too funny, lol
bullet Mr_Wrong
22 Sep : 10:07PM
You can get some of this to go with it Monk lol ~LINK~
bullet Monk
22 Sep : 09:13PM
Haha, I need that right now only having one hand
bullet Mr_Wrong
22 Sep : 08:15PM
I cant believe this is a real thing. Also the review are great. ~LINK~
bullet Treatr
21 Sep : 05:04PM
If you haven't join Battlefield Insiders ~LINK~
bullet Treatr
21 Sep : 05:03PM
BF1 Premium break down. ~LINK~



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Monday 26 September 2016
BF1 Single Player Tease

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Posted by Monk on Monday 26 September 2016 - 20:36:31PM
BF1 Early Play

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Posted by Monk on Monday 26 September 2016 - 20:34:23PM
Saturday 24 September 2016
Where's the servers info?

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Posted by Monk on Saturday 24 September 2016 - 23:53:09PM
Friday 23 September 2016
BF1 War Pidgeons

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Posted by Monk on Friday 23 September 2016 - 12:47:00PM
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